Hard Ride Audio speaker kits and components are warranted for a period of two years.  Warranty claims will require proof of purchase, and will be evaluated upon prepaid return to Hard Ride Audio.  Any defective components or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Hard Ride Audio.  Warranty applies to the original retail purchaser only, and is not transferable.

Hard Ride Audio is not liable for damage caused by shipping, improper installation, removal, accident or collision, use with components not included with the kit, or other consequential damage or modification. 



All Returns and Warranty Claims are subject to pre-approval by Hard Ride Audio.  Return approval will be determined based on the terms of the product warranty and the sole discretion of Hard Ride Audio.

All returned merchandise must be in NEW condition, packaged in its original packaging, and must contain ALL components of the complete kit.  Broken or removed warranty seals, products with cut wires, or products returned without proper packaging, will not be eligible for warranty or refund claims.

Refund claims must be made within 30 days of the shipping date.  Any refunded amount issued will not included shipping charges or fees associated with credit card processing.

Hard Ride Audio products that are purchased through a dealer will be subject to the dealer’s return policy.


Hard Ride Audio WARRANTY/RETURN Policy does not cover:

- Modification or damage caused by the end-user, installer, or anyone other   than Hard Ride Audio.

- Cost/expense related to the installation, removal, or re-installation of Hard   Ride Audio products.

- Damage to any non-Hard Ride Audio component

- Any Hard Ride Audio product purchased from someone other than a Hard   Ride Audio dealer.

- Any other circumstance that violates the terms of the Warranty or Return   policy.






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