Harley Davidson Speaker Upgrade Knowledge

What you should know

For Street Glides, Electra Glides, and Ultra Classics:

      If you are looking to upgrade your Harmon Kardon sound system, and already have a batwing fairing with a sound system, we make and sell stock upgrades for your audio system.  If you are unhappy with the stock system and want to improve it, then go with our batwing upgrade.

          Our Fairing Speaker Upgrade system jumps your speaker size from 5.25” to 6.5” HERTZ coaxial high energy speakers.  We also boost your power with our waterproof marine grade 150W 2-channel amp.  Installation is easy, plug & play, and uses basic hand tools.  Almost anyone can do it.  The addition of the amp allows you to run your radio at a lower volume, which keeps it below that spot where it begins to distort.  This makes for a much cleaner, distortion-free sound.

          If your Ultra or Electra Glide has a rear speaker Tour Pak, we also offer a 5.25” to 6.5” HERTZ coaxial high energy speaker upgrade kit.  The upgrade kit includes adapter rings that maintain the stock look, while we also boost your power with our waterproof marine grade 150W 2-channel amp.  Installation is easy and the upgrade will make a significant difference in the quality of your Touring sound system.

For Street Glides and Road Glides:

           Now HARD RIDE AUDIO also offers a 6.5" fairing adapter ring for your Harley Davidson Road Glide. If you want a bigger and better sound system while still keeping the stock look on your bike, upgrade your Road Glide speakers to 6.5" HERTZ speakers.

            If you are looking for a real boost in sound quality, you need to consider adding a 3rd and 4th speaker.  The addition of the extra speakers creates a fullness that you just can’t get from a 2 speaker system.  The extra speakers create twice as much sound as two.  Adding rear speakers surrounds you in sound, which helps greatly, especially if you have loud exhaust pipes.

            Adding the 3rd and 4th speakers gives you an improvement far beyond a simple speaker upgrade.  It’s an improvement you won’t be asking yourself if it was worth the money.  It is ABSOLUTELY, BY FAR, the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! Does your stock stereo still ROCK at 70 MPH? OURS DOES!!!

            Our 70MPH saddle bag system is a lid mount system using two 6.5” POLKAudio coaxial speakers.  The complete system mounts in the lid of the bag, and takes up no storage space.  The speaker is covered with a molded plastic shroud that protects the speaker from damage, and makes the system almost invisible on the inside of the bag.

            This system is plug & play, but does require a little mechanical ability, as you have to cut the speaker hole in your bag.  If you’re not so handy, find a friend that is.  After the holes are cut, everything else is a breeze.

For Road Kings:

            Finally, an audio company that addresses the audio needs of one of the most popular Harleys ever built, the Road King.  Hard Ride Audio has designed a four speaker system for the Road King that will blow you away.  We take our Lid mount hard saddle bag system, and join it with our Crash Bar pods.  The system uses four 6.5” POLKAudio coaxial speakers, along with two waterproof marine 150W 2-channel amps with two volume controls, for precision tuning.  Now you’ve got the best audio system ever on a Road King.  This system uses your iPod, mp3 player, satellite radio, or anything with a 1/8” headphone jack. 

            If all your looking for is a 2 speaker system, we recommend the HardRideAudio 70MPH Lid mount saddle bag system, if you have hard bags



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